day 34: Wanting…

365photos 2011, photography

..someone who’d rather do nothing with me than anything with anyone else..

(I stole that line from somewhere..wish I remembered where. But it’s just right .. yeah)


4 thoughts on “day 34: Wanting…

  1. ooo, marvelous! I’m just gonna sit for a while.
    Can I ask…if ever I recieve appropriate inspiration, can I use one of your photographs?

    It would just be for my poetry blog and I’d credit/link of course.

    I think you’re work is evocative…fabulous.

    Let me know.

    1. Oh please do sit down.. Maybe we can chat for a while and have tea while looking out at the ocean or kids playing..who knows what the view could be!

      And of course, I’d be very flattered if you would want to use my photos for your posts.
      Let me know whenever the inspiration strikes!

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