Day 22: of sleep and silence

365photos 2011, photography

..well exhaustion leading to sickness is but natural. OR maybe I’m just being a baby. But I spent most of Saturday sleeping and reading in bed so this is all I have..

How is your weekend turning out to be?


6 thoughts on “Day 22: of sleep and silence

    1. Barbecue sounds wonderful. I’m envious if you are in a sunny place where being outdoors right now is not chilly! And I’m sure you will have a great time tomorrow as well.

  1. Hope you’re well now! Nice photos.
    I just came back from a glorious holiday, looking forward to a few more days of vacations and lazing around and doing nothing.

    1. I am..thanks! And again all you guys seem hell bent on making me jealous 🙂 Please have a teeny bit more fun on my behalf because I don’t see a vacation on the horizon. Did you go someplace warm?

    1. It was quite relaxing.. the story line is just another romantic comedy. But Wodehouse’s language is what makes me adore the man with an undying flame! His humor is in words not events so it’s cheeky and keeps a smile on your face throughout.

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