Day 16: of memories and places..

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I spent a lot of my childhood hanging out with my maternal grandma. She used to take me around town and some places in my home town, Pune have come to be associated with her. I lost her when I was 8 and most of her memories are now hazy but certain places always remind me of her. One such place is the ‘mandai’ or farmer’s market where my parents get their weekly stock of veggies and fruits from. I used to go there with grandma. Nowadays I accompany my dad once in a while when I visit home. Its a Sunday morning tradition. I love the colors and bustle of the place..even though it isn’t really the cleanest of places. The vendors have been there for years. And so have the customers. They know each other..share laughs and bicker over prices and even know each others’ life stories.


10 thoughts on “Day 16: of memories and places..

    1. Thank you Deboshree! Good to have you visit! I quite enjoy reading your blog. Interestingly you are a Delhite living in Pune and I’m a Puneite living in Delhi 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Both the pictures (I like the woman with the basket on her head) and your narrative. You really took me there and I got to briefly travel to a place I’ve never been.

    1. Hi Hope! Thank you for stopping by. I will surely submit these. It has been a while since I did. The submissions out there are so good that I usually feel intimidated 🙂

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