You guys rock!


We lose a lot of things as we grow older. And as traumatic as losing hair and waistlines is, I think the most tragic loss is the ability to trust. From a loud, outgoing teenager with a large circle of friends, I went to being a practical hermit talking to barely anyone all day with a social life of negative 20. My excuses were a busy life, no common interests, bad weather, no car and so on and so forth.

But the truth is, I gave way to fear and stopped trusting. Because I got hurt. Too many times. And I convinced myself that no one cares and there is no one left. Essentially doing the age old blunder of letting the mistakes of a few affect my relationships with people who had done nothing wrong.

And I tell you people, big mistake. Because fear made me lose out on the awesome people who were already in my life. It hit me last night. Even though I have this blog for more than a year, apart from a couple of people I had never really shared it with anyone who knows me. With the resolution that this year I am going to intentionally change my life, I took another step and put it up on Facebook. And within the hour there were comments from friends, old and new. Who I havent seen in years. They took the time to visit here and say kind words.

Overwhelmed. To say the least.


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