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After about 3 decades ..facing the so called difficulties that life offers when you are on your own with no support.. looking at the unfairness around.. I had convinced myself that I am beyond the idea of a supreme power who takes care of us all and that every thing happens for a reason..
well that is still true.. but there is something called as roots.. and even though I’d like to believe that I can grow and mature beyond all constraints.. part of my childhood will always live with me.. in times of my deepest turmoil..i still go back to that time of faith when a prayer was supposed to solve all problems..


6 thoughts on “Prayer..

  1. The last line is so true, in times of deepest turmoil…all of us turn to the Gods we otherwise forget so easily…it kind of just happens like a reflex, you start praying when common sense stops giving you answers…

    Lovely photo.

    1. 🙂 i’m not really a writer darling.. its general bursts that come forth once in a blue moon. Feels good to know you stop by

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