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..the one contradiction of living in India is, it provides us with somewhat of a luxury, which is considered exorbitant in developed countries like the US, is having domestic help to do almost all the tasks around the house..
and even though I’m not proud of it..its just the way of life here and helps in providing honest income to under privileged members of the society.. and no I’m not trying to glorify anything..
So I have a lady who cleans up my apartment every morning..washes the dishes..and in general makes my life very easy.. and she is a Muslim. Now I don’t care for the fact at all ..nor do I treat her any differently for it.. I make tea for her every morning..we sometimes have breakfast together.. she tells me tales of her kids n her hard life.. I listen..offer consolation if I can and make sure to pay her on time .. she is a nice, clean, well mannered and kind person. I appreciate her for that. But the other day she was dusting around the living room and she started removing idols from the meager puja ghar I have.. and I stopped her..
The reason I had was that she hadn’t taken a bath..
I’m not a traditionally religious person.. nor do i believe in rituals.. but its ingrained in me by my Hindu upbringing that you do not go near anything related to God unless you are showered and fresh..
so I tried to tell her the same thing as kindly as possible.. that I wouldn’t clean up near the idols without showering as well..
that however, didn’t stop the hurt look in her eyes..
..and somewhere inside me, even though I hate to admit it even to myself, I knew that wasn’t the reason I stopped her either..


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