..of random epiphanies

randomness, Thinking out loud

As a kid I did not entrust God with major tasks.. I mean obviously right? At the most he had to make sure that I didnt accidentally miss my exam or ensure that I got the highly coveted piece of crap that i was dreaming of at the time.. and he would make sure to not disappoint…
but now..when the tasks become harder and the stakes higher..he cops out..
I realized atheism comes easy.. its harder to maintain the faith on the other hand. To keep believing that everything happens for a reason..that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I was reading a concept today.. apparently all the blows that we get are the chisel blows of a sculptor to convert a slab of stone into a beautiful shape. Comforting? Not really…
What is the point of a beautifully carved sculpture with no life or will left…
If I am sounding depressed..maybe I am. Or maybe I am finally realizing the folly of faith. Its peaceful actually.. Science says that it was a very miniscule probability that life formed..
The full impact of that idea hit and I realized.. I am all I have.


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