the worst part..


This little guy was running a tea stall .

And that is the hardest part about living in India..
having to watch extreme poverty and helplessness at every step..
People are hardworking, very few seem to be crying about their fate..but their eyes are either angry or have lost their luster.. Their fight is flailing all the time because circumstances are always just a little bit harder..
I know its a little selfish to be complaining about seeing this. But its the truth. I hate to see kids begging at the car window. Every time that happens, I hate myself a little for even sitting in that car. Everyone around me says that those kids are hardened enough and have their ways and means to be happy. But having seen the other side of the world, it just seems unfair. I hate this illogical pain to some and unnecessary prosperity to others….


One thought on “the worst part..

  1. the bhagwad geeta says – ‘Dont worry, fret or get frustrated by incidents beyond your control..everything happens as it has to happen….some people accept this, some do not. those who accept this live in peace and those who not…they are in forever unrest’

    Stop worrying of slumdogs. Its their fate. Leave it to them.

    JaY Shri Krishna.

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