Frame of Reference..


I had a heated argument with one of my non-photographic friends about this photo.
His point was that there is no point to this composition, nor is there any frame of reference. In effect making it a useless capture. I had another one ask me to think about every photo I take, in regards to what I want to convey with it.
I agree that a composition has to have a selling point to make it effective. But this is wildly relative to every person. Along with being a craft having some fundamental rules, photography is also an art. What attracted me to this composition was the texture. But it can mean nothing but a log of wood to someone else or something entirely different to some other viewer. Not that I claim to be an artist but the best part of any composition, be it music , painting or photography, is the open interpretation by the artist as well as the audience. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Frame of Reference..

  1. That’s sad to me. Someone who can look but see nothing. But so many around me are the same. They don’t SEE. I see so much in this photo. I feel the sun that’s shining on the log. It’s fall (in my mind) and the air is a bit chilly and if it weren’t for the warmth of the sun, I’d need a jacket. I’m reminded of a one-time visit to my Uncle’s land he bought. Before he started building. He’s clearing the land that’s been wild and unkempt. There’s a metal barrel that he’s been burning wood and thorny things in. I can smell it…

    1. Isnt it simply fantastic that a picture of a log of wood brought a long lost memory to your mind? .. That is the power of the visual message. And that is what makes me keep going back to my camera ..

  2. no probs…
    in fact thats what i also wrote na..
    only i used very layman’s language …..’angrezi nahi aati hame…’..and u used polished language……
    but the meaning was same..

  3. In my opinion…everything dsnt have to convey anything…jst ask ur friend who was asking abt what u wanted to convey thru this pic….that does he sees only those movies which convey something??
    and to be frank…if i sit and think ….i can even make out something frm this pic too..(thats diff story ki rite now m too tired to do that..! 😀 )
    so jst keep clicking..!!

    1. well I agree that everything doesn’t have to convey something. But I guess its possible to pick up some meaning from everything or no meaning from even the most profound messages…sorry for the philosophy. had too much coffee and no sleep 😀

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