thank you..

musings, Thinking out loud

Blogging is cathartic..
even if I don’t say a lot..
or don’t know how to..
or have a great photo..
the mere act of putting a thought together..
creating a matter how mediocre ..building and rebuilding it in my head.. executing it.. refining it..sometimes liking it ..most times hating it. Its an act of putting myself out there. For everyone to see. It gives me courage ..especially since I have been hiding for a lot of years now. From what? Not really sure.. from myself mostly and since I started this little experiment in the corner of the interwebs, I have rediscovered confidence. I am once again meeting the girl who used to be her own person..
and its bridging the gap from the one I used to be and the one I have become..

So I want to say thank you to all those who visited..once or those who re-visit but don’t always comment.. I see the little green dots from all over the map and it makes me feel all warm and smiley faced and it gives me the enthusiasm to do it all over again .. in the moment that you stop by, you and I connect, if only briefly. And knowing that makes my day 🙂


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