musings, photography, Self, Thinking out loud

Happiness is a choice..
Smiling when I want to bawl my eyes out is a choice..
Deciding how my past affects my present is a choice..
Finding beauty in cobwebs and a dried up leaf is a choice..



4 thoughts on “choices..

    1. i guess perception. Because you interpret the same words standing from your viewpoint.. from where it may sound sad

  1. hey,

    nice pic..rather nice colours..!!!
    good DOF…would have liked object lil more sharper…dunt know whether it was possible..

    and right u r….its a choice…so choose to be Happy always… u will be happy when u r returning back to India..!! 😀

    1. thanks! i would have loved it to be sharper too.. my limitations were a lot of wind..the leaf was about to fall off and it wouldn’t stop shaking and I didnt have a tripod, so i took what I got 🙂

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