it’s not that simple anymore..

randomness, Self


him : It isn’t that you don’t stand by your convictions. It’s just that your convictions are multi-dimensional and prone to several interpretations at the same time.

him: its endearing and exasperating…

her: i read an intriguing statement…its been hovering around me

him: ?

her: there are two types of bird lovers..those who catch the bird..put it in a golden cage and are happy to see it at their will.

her: And then there are those who will walk through slush and mud ..and spend hours waiting in the forest just to catch a glimpse of the bird in flight..

him: I’m guessing you are trying to place yourself in one of the categories and while wanting to be the second, find yourself to be closer to the first and that’s killing u

her: hate u

him: love u

her: you HAD to end the conversation.

him: what do I say when I’m executed without a trial

her: I’m too old for this..

her: besides I’ve heard it all before. It’s rarely from the heart

him: so you’ll use a precedent and never open yourself to possibility

her: i don’t know. i’m a weak girl with too many battles to fight…cant really afford to lose the limited supply of strength.

her: plus you are a guy. you’ll forget me once you see a prettier skirt

him: …

her: talk to you later

him: take care..


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