No one likes philosophy

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A face is considered beautiful when it is symmetric in features. Anything in patterns is very attractive to the human brain. We like to think in cause and effect..zeros and ones. You do good, you get good. And this logic seems to have worked for us. This tricking ourselves all through life, that this one sorrow today definitely means there is one joy stored in the future. Everything will be balanced out at the end. The universe will make it right. Or god or whoever it is..who is supposed to be holding the strings.

But that’s not really true, is it? A little girl in the deserts of Africa suffering from AIDS and a little princess with a pony in her lush Connecticut home. Their entire lives are the zeros and ones. So the troubles the poor girl goes through are balanced out by the good life the princess gets? And really, what karma is at play here? What kind of pattern is this.. and to which sensible mind does this logic appeal?

Truth is, there is no balancing out. We get what we get and that’s it.
Life is a test.
It’s only a test.



3 thoughts on “No one likes philosophy

  1. Maybe the little girl with the pony really doesn’t have it all. She got a pony because her Daddy is always gone working and her Mommy is too busy shopping and socializing and so they substitute things for love. While the little girl with AIDS in Africa is sick and dying, but her mother and father both love her, her whole village loves her. They support and care for her.

    Is it fair? I guess that depends on your perspective.
    Is it balanced? No. But we are the ones holding the scales, not some invisible being in the sky. We can find and create our own balance.

    Those are my thoughts…

    1. You know, I must admit. My view of the world is usually too black and white. I tend to overlook the grays and oversimplify. But what you say makes a lot of sense too. Not everything is perfectly good or perfectly bad.. That actually helps me feel a little less cynical about the world šŸ™‚ So thank you!

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