Mere des ki dharti..

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Image courtesy Darshi @

Image courtesy Darshi @

I always wonder if there is an age, when we start trusting ourselves to make big decisions, without freaking out. The myriad of answers that I have received to this question ranged from, ‘become ageless’ to ‘ignore the problem till it goes away’. As you can see, I have the most brilliant friends.

The reason for the preface is I am dealing with one such decision. Current state of affairs is such, that I am trying to understand the need for man to be near his roots. More specifically, spending his later life in the place where he grew up. My father has always maintained that when we reach middle age, the need to be at home increases and if not satisfied, may destroy even the strongest of people. Its an emotional need and one that you cannot really suppress. I am young, so I will not understand it till I get there. Now he is twice my age and has seen a lot more of the world, than I have. So I want to listen to this logic and shut up. But the truth is, I want to know why. Why do we feel this need? I mean even in my 7 years away, India has become a totally different place than I knew it to be. The friends that I used to have, have moved away or are no longer in touch. Family has been dispersed. The work culture has changed, the social pattern and lifestyle has changed. Today even in India, you need to call up people if you want to visit them. If someone says, ‘leave me alone’, you leave them alone. You no longer hang out at the ‘katta’ on your bikes, go to malls. So what I know to be ‘home’, is now a very different place, with which, I am not acquainted at all. And I will need to actually ‘adjust’ to living there again. But not withstanding these reasons, I will apparently feel that I should be going back.

And I am not disagreeing to this. I have seen it. Even a lot of people here in the US, after going through their careers, go back home to their small towns or big cities or wherever. My cousin who has been here for more than 15 years and is extremely successful has started feeling the need to return to India. And frankly, even I know that, I will be back there soon.

But no one has an answer to the why.. Why the willingness to give up a settled and sometimes even prosperous life and start a new life all over again in a place you hardly recognize anymore?
What is it, that ties man to his roots?


5 thoughts on “Mere des ki dharti..

  1. OK…I’m starting to feel like a creepy stalker commenting so much, but I absolutely love your work and I love it so much I want to say so. Your pictures are amazing and they each touch me in some way. You truly have a gift for capturing moments. And I love reading your blogs as well, you commented about me,”I loved the way you write. Such open minded writing!” Yours are full of thought and emotion, very raw and real and you’re not afraid to say the hard things, to show the real you, and I admire that.

    1. Hi Lilly.. Those are some of the nicest compliments I have ever received! I am glad that my writing made you feel something. That makes it worthwhile.. to have a reader who connected 🙂

  2. What if you write all this and no one ever reads? Would you still keep writing? (I know you willsay right now ‘yes, for self satisfaction… Blah blah’.) But most likely you will stop. The ‘why?’ behind this human nature is mostly your answer.
    Do I need to explain more?

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