Cheese galore..


a balmy summer night with a slight breeze..
the water on the lake shimmering in the moonlight..
the lapping of the tiny waves on the shore..comforting like fingers stroking hair..
tiny fireflies flitting in and around the trees.. suddenly lighting miniature candles
sweet fragrances filling the air..
two figures quietly looking on..
a distance of years between them..
of continents.. of lives lived apart..
a slight awkwardness.. a bit of the nerves..
“I’m going to mess up” he’s thinking
“The idiot is never going to make a move” her internal dialogue..
so both..
waiting with measured breath..
she puts her head on his shoulder..
he takes her hand..
He leans in for a kiss..
Her smile interferes ..
“What’s so funny?!” with feigned anger
“Who’s dancing naked” both utter in unison..
and burst out laughing..
..distance crossed.


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