The moment their eyes met for the first time across that imposing hall, she knew that there was a disaster waiting to happen.
There was this attraction and the possibility of love.
And chemistry..
the electric kinds..
which causes butterflies..
secret smiles..
and racing hearts…
with breathless whispers..
of all night phone calls..
and poetry in front of the niagara falls

But it wasn’t meant to be. The circumstances meant forcing roses to grow in the desert..and deserts don’t ever change into tropics.
Yet she kept fighting.. for something that existed only in her mind. For the ideal…even when knowing it was an impossibility…for the beautiful possibility that they presented.
But there were these moments of extreme clarity. Like a sunny winter afternoon. We all experience them once in a while but rarely acknowledge them. In those moments, the fog is lifted and vision restored. But it may not be the solution we want to accept. It may not be the solution that is part of the plan or the dream or it may not be the easy one. Which is why we fight it..keep trying harder to find the solution we want it to be. It almost always fails. But in the process we end up harming our psyches..sometimes only a little to notice..sometimes irreparably. Its not always easy to accept that failure is our own doing. Its not easy to accept that we have a limit. And to accept that, that limit has been reached.. Because after all, accepting that life is a random sequence of events is not conducive to the well being of our structured lives..

So eventually, reality won.

And by that time..
the damage had been done…


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