kill me..kill me now


I hate people. This email was sent by a prospective husband’s mother in response to my, ‘Can you please give me his email address or phone number so we can find out more about each other’ request. Its not new. But I had a deja-vu experience with a guy’s dad this time..and since it was a verbal interaction, I don’t have proof of it. But go
and kill me.
Dear Dhaami,

Thanks for your prompt answer. But the solution won’t be that prompt. These coming 15,20 days Naren is extremely busy. This weekend, we all are very busy in the Iskon Temple here, where Ram Janma, and before that Ram-Seeta Vivah is celebrated for 4 days. Naren takes very active part in all temple activities. In the sat mornings, he goes for bicycle training. This sat. is very hard , it is 50 miles in the mountains. It takes nearly 4 hours for actual ride and one hr. to reach there by car.

Week days evenings are spent in reading all papers regarding the transactions. All Friday evenings is Geeta Class. Sat, evenings is Vishnu Sahastranam and Geeta in temple, Night 8 to 10 he plays Tennis or squash and when he returns, he is tired and it is late!!!

I described his routine to you. You may tell me your passtimes and hobbies and I can convey it to him. He can call up once we shift to our new house and we settled a bit.

Take care,

Mrs. K.


3 thoughts on “kill me..kill me now

  1. Thank you for saying that! I did run away from the guy.. rather his mother..since I never got to speak with him at all. But its frustrating to have to deal with people like this..with a smiling face.

  2. Oh Dhammi – doesn’t this make you want to run far away from this prospective husband?? He is such a mummy’s boy! And even if he isn’t – his mother wants him to be and will probably not be able to adjust to her precious baby boy having a wife!!
    Let’s not kill you now…kill the prospective mother-in-law now instead!! All the best. S

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