Bollywood, music

Saturday night was spent drinking copious amounts of red wine and watching Yuva..a movie that had inspired me to enter politics (which had been promptly shot down by meine liebe Mutter) My half-cooked, lofty ambitions aside… this song is my all time favorite. Not just because of A.R. Rahman (though he is more than enough) but also for its cinematography. I am in complete awe of the way, the essence of the song..its tempo and mood is perfectly captured in the video..using water as a symbol of high energy and freshness.. moving the camera from up close in the water to high up in the air and at all possible slows down and lets the water sensuously flow around her as the piano slows down the melody.. it runs with them and makes us feel the same excitement they both feel at the idea of falling for a stranger..the spectator is part of the scene, not an outsider, in an explosion of color and movement and youthful joy.


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