missing fall..



I never thought I’d say this but 365 days of perfect weather can ACTUALLY get boring..
Especially I miss fall ..my first season in the US..the most romantic.. the trees burst with colors..there’s a slight nip in the air..not cold..but cold enough to take your breath away should a wind blow..and the sun..that chap after glaring down all summer decides to take a back seat..shines like a benevolent guy ..





2 thoughts on “missing fall..

  1. soo true!..i mean i love this place..just wish it had some fall :D. I’m in Irvine..a few miles north of SD. Have you ever been to the organ concert in balboa park?

  2. I miss that too. And snow.
    Perfect weather is boring but then again its fun to be able to do things without ever worrying about weather 🙂

    PS- Are you in located in San Diego, too?

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