On wonder


The only time I visited Kullu..was the first time I had opened myself to the possibility that there might be something beyond my understanding..beyond what science can explain..something that existed in that pure mountain air and the bigheartedness of the people. The people there called it God’s country..the thousand year old temples..the river..the mountains..everything had a surreal quality. It touched me like no other place before and after has..
A dear friend of mine, after moving back Home said “I’ve finally started to feel! I see a place and it touches me. I had lost that ability living in the Great States.” My sentiments exactly… The last time I felt wonder and awe and my heart filled with something inexplicable seems so long ago..

Why is it so important for us to feel? I think it allows us to be closer ..the ability to feel pain and love and wonder..it brings us all together. Making us feel less lonely in this bottomless universe..


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