Confidence in nonsense is a requirement for the creative process





They say

it gets easier..

the pain fades

the nicks and cuts disappear

bruises heal

as time flows .. the sharp edges smoothen..

but that’s just the surface, isn’t it?

All grimy cities have pretty facades..

mind depth..

I’m bothered by the contemporary need of keeping everything light. I have nothing against humor and that’s not what I’m referring to. The incessant effort made to stay away from any topic, event or person who makes one think and feel uncomfortable is my problem. Anything deeper than a reality show is now considered boring. Movies dealing with serious real world issues do not get patrons whereas mindless drivel makes millions. Let’s not even get into the kind of authors who are getting recognition today. I miss the times when shows like M.A.S.H were considered quality humor and newspapers discussed news and politics instead of making a hullabaloo about a politician being slapped and an entire state being shut down for business . Is this a price of progress? Have we reached a stagnation point for good taste and intelligent development of the mind? Or have we gone in denial?

Things that matter…

there’s a Marathi (my mother tongue) song which goes ‘rakat desha, kankhar desha, dagdanchya desha’..
hard to translate in English but it’s a love song for the land we live in describing it as bold, strong and rocky in literally full of rocks. It takes a special kind of love to describe something as rocky and yet mean it as a compliment.

This image is from the backwaters of a little mud dam located in a village some 100 kms from Pune. The landscape of India is what keeps me rooted here.. Because every time I spend 45 minutes in traffic for a 10 minute distance, get rudely called off by people on the road, face immense amount of resistance to good ideas just because of cultural attitudes or never get work done in public offices, when life is so busy that work days become 12 hour stretches with no time to spare for things I love.. I have to keep reminding myself that there is beauty here. It needs to be unearthed… Under the callous exterior there is tenderness somewhere. The scruffiness is brought upon by circumstance and not by choice. No matter how I hate the everyday life..I still love being here.. It seems to be a hard comparison to make. But how do you decide if you are happy even when days are spent in misery? Probably because at the end of the day, sleep comes with a satisfaction of being at home…
I don’t know.

let there be light..

not sure I’d like to explain why I had disappeared. But now I’m back..hopefully still accepted as before :)


Robert gave a poignant reminder today when he said that happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster..
so apt.


don’t have much to say..
am i back to regular posting and commenting?
I don’t know yet..
but I’m forcing myself to remember that this is something I love..
and that is hard to find..

it’s complicated…

As a 20 year old, I was devout. My faith in God unquestioned.

More than a decade later, I find myself sitting outside this beautiful temple on a hill surrounded my monsoon green.. a place where even the harshest of critics would attempt to consider the presence of a higher power..
and I couldn’t make myself go in..
I felt like a petulant child sulking in the corner..
Loss of innocence is a bigger loss than the loss of faith..


..meaning abode in Urdu or Hindi.. not really sure.

The little ones building the nest in our window are almost done..
looks like we may have baby birds around the place soon enough..


keeping it wordless..

failure.. supposed to be a pre-cursor to success. I had been doing wonderfully for the first 6 months on my 365 project and now it’s all gone to hell..
I’m fervently hoping that I get my photographer’s block out of the way. Am sick of being the whiny kid :p

also i had cake and chocolate milk for breakfast today..
so as my body’s age moves upwards in the mental age is apparently regressing below 10…

new neighbour..

this little guy and his/her partner is building a nest in our kitchen window..

I walk alone…

Give it up for David for writing a beautiful piece of poetry and being kind enough to let me post it here..
I don’t think the photo does much justice to the words.. But this time we went the other way round to find an image in my archives which would resonate with the emotions expressed in his words..

Water flows over
sand escapes beneath
vertigo at the beach as
waves play with my toes
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

My gaze turns away to the sea
dancing diamonds on the water call to me
watching their rise only to
suddenly hide behind a wave
to peek shyly above while preparing
to fling themselves high on the next
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

A steady rhythm frees rigidity
as pressure ceases it’s tension chains
waves to draw them out and
hide their tacks in the sand as they are
washed out in cool waters caress with
soft and tender whispers of serenity
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

Her footsteps whisper in the sand
her fingers furtively entwine
with eyes glistening reflections of full moons
embrace of stars fairy dance
vertigo tugs us gently to pause while
skins goose bumps tingle hello
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
her lips catch it’s airy release

I walk but not alone…

-David Craft


Mysteriously, wonderfully, I bid farewell to what goes, I greet what comes; for what comes cannot be denied, and what goes cannot be detained.

days and nights are currently blending into light streaks..
the colors are barely there..
the shapes are invisible..
in the landscape of life these days are the plateaus
flat.. undulating..
hot days..
cold nights..
slight winds..
cloudy skies..
but not gloomy
nor happy
the color is maroon
it exists
but has no identity..
there’s no sadness..
nor joy
life just is.
for now.

The photo is an oldie taken at Huntington Beach, CA

Life goes on..

the young guy was texting..probably to some girl friend
he has a whole life ahead..
with lots of dreams..
the elderly gentleman was begging for change outside the temple
his life is pretty much behind him..
I see him everyday on my way to work..
he doesn’t smile..
life doesn’t stop for either of them..

snooze time

Wonder what she’s thinking..

Do we really know the people in our lives?
it always seems that no matter how hard I try, they are left with unspoken sorrows I cannot share..nor heal..
Personal battles that they have to fight on their own..and all I can do is watch helplessly from the edge..

silhouette of my mom as she sat deep in thought watching the evening sky..she didn’t even realize I was there..

so I gave up resisting..

thank you for being so kind. and till I get some inspiration for conceptual’s another one of Pune skies..

I’m copying Kieran today but with a silly poll..
the hectic running around of the past few days is catching up making me feel uninspired and hating all my photos..
burn out seems to be on it’s way again..

color drama…

I got a bit over zealous in my love of high contrast provided by black and white and turned a really beautiful sunny sky into looking angry and creepy in this post

so thought I’d post the original colors of the day..
(also today was my first day at the new job so it was a rather hectic day) :)
Hope you are all well!

Sun Ripples

Remember the other day I had asked if anyone was willing to free write using my photos as prompt? Well Charlotte over at This path of Lilly’s volunteered to write and I’m so happy she did. Because she took this photo, that I took last week on the way home, and changed it into a whole new story with her fantastic perspective! Thank you SO much Charlotte!

Read on..


What are you doing?

Oh, just looking at some pictures my friend in India sent me. I said I’d do a guest post on her blog and she sent three of her photos for me to use as writing prompts. She’s a photographer, by the way.

Ooh…exciting. I had no idea your fame had grown to the level of making guest appearances on others’ blogs.

(Laughing) I’m not famous! She’s one of four people who read my blog. Actually, I’m a little nervous and having a hard time coming up with something to write about. Pressure, ya know?

Oh come on. Since when have you been at a loss for words? (He pokes me in the side, teasingly.)

I laugh and click through the pictures again, waiting for a brilliant idea to hit me.

He watches as I contort my face into each one of my six different versions of ‘thinking face.’

Still nothing.

He rolls onto his side and rests his head on his fist.

Oh wow! From this angle, that picture looks really cool! Overexposed or something.

I tilt my laptop to see what he’s seeing. The contrast has drastically increased, making the trees look as if they’ve been x-rayed and the sun, a defined circle of brightness with several outer rings, each growing darker the farther away from the sun they are.

Oh yeah, I like that. You know what it makes me think of? Ripples in a pond. Like someone tossed a stone into the sky.

See? Now you’re coming up with ideas. That’s my girl.

Yeah but I can’t write about that. Maybe a poem. I wrote a poem once that had to do with dreams and water and ripples…Lady of the Night, that was the title.

He gave me a funny, questioning look.

Lady of the night??

Not like that. A lady of the night is usually used in reference to a street walker, a prostitute. But she does her thing in the darkness of night because it’s a sin, forbidden- looked down on by society. The woman in the poem was similar because what she did at night was to think of someone other than the man she was lying beside.

Oh. So what does that have to do with ripples?

“intrusions upon tranquility
like a stone tossed in a lagoon
breed waking ripples of nostalgia
lapping at my mind”
The dreams she has at night ripple into the day, where they don’t belong. Where they should not be. But because when she chooses to throw the stone into the water at night, she must endure the consequences throughout the day.

I see. That’s why they say to be careful about your thoughts.

I suppose so. It’s like that quote I loved from the movie, Inception. Remember? I had you pause the movie so I could write it down for my collection.
“What’s the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm?
An idea. Resilient…highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed- fully understood- that sticks, right in there somewhere.”

So if the sun was the place the stone, or idea, was tossed and the “rings” radiating outward, lighting up the entire sky are the result of that idea, what the hell was the thought that created the sun and who would have had such an enormous idea?

I think it’s the same cumulative thought or idea by millions of people.

And what would that be, Dear?

Easy. What was my poem really about? What did she dare to dream of at night when it was safe to dream? What was her deepest desire?


Charlotte Parr

PS: If you would like to write similar guest posts, do email me :)

quick hi

wish I had planned properly and set up a few posts but oh well..
this one is an oldie processed today..
hope you are all well :)
I should be back to posting and commenting in a couple of days once the stupid moving and unpacking is over..




These didn’t really come out as clean as I had hoped.. this time at least I managed all of the water to be in focus
you live and learn

The settings were pretty much the same as before
with the exception of aperture which I stopped down to 10, shutter was 1/500 with ISO 800 and on camera flash fired.

Easy Canvas Prints – A Review

Recently I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints (the link opens in a new tab/window ) to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. Easy Canvas Prints is a service which allows you to design and order canvas prints of photos, pictures, illustrations etc. As usual I took the longest time to decide which photo I wanted converted into a canvas and finally went with one of the sunflowers I took recently.

The caveat is they are based in the United States and offer shipping within the US only. So I decided to get it shipped to my sister who is currently living there with her husband. I did the ordering process but special thanks to her for the photos and actual product review :)

(The white that you see in the leaves is the reflection of the flash and not on the actual print)

The best thing about their website is how easy it is to design your print and customize it.
First I went to the website and clicked on the ‘Start Designing Now’ button.
You select your canvas size (I chose 16 x 20 inches) and how thickly you want the image wrapped (I chose gallery wrap – 1.5 inch).

On the next step you upload your image. The upload was fairly quick in spite of my huge 4 MB file which is a great thing.
I think they prefer higher resolution files and can go up to max 20 MB but based on your print size they let you know whether your file will sustain printing without loss of resolution.
Once you’ve uploaded your image, you choose the border. There are several options (including wrapping an image around the corners or choosing a color for your border), but I chose the mirror wrap option, which extends the picture around the sides in a mirror image.
You can also adjust the printable area if needed. The preview option allows you to see how your print will look and you can make any adjustments to size if necessary. I cropped out a smaller flower from the photo and decided to keep just one after the preview.

Finally, you select image options. You can turn a color photo into black and white or sepia, and you can have minor or major retouching done. I did not choose any retouching since my image was already processed the way I wanted. But it’s a great option to have.

Once you’ve completed those four steps, then off to checkout! Easy peasy :)

The shipping was fast, took about 4 days I think. Packing was carefully done to protect the delicate canvas and the wooden frame.
Canvas quality is great and color rendering is true to original. The yellow has come out nice and cheerful, just the way I was hoping.
The overall experience was great and I’m in love with the outcome and thinking of actually getting some more prints made.

(Canvas texture detail)

The company has another website called ‘Build-a-sign’ which provides business solutions like banners and custom prints as well as photo prints on other media. If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog page, you should see links for both the websites.

Disclaimer: We were provided one canvas print in exchange for a review. All of the opinions expressed above are our own.


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